Admission Open for (BA,B.Sc(Math/Bio),B.lib) 2023-24.

Computer Lab

A computer lab is a space which provides computer services to a defined community. Computer labs are typically provided by libraries to the public, by academic institutions to students who attend the institution, or by other institutions to the public or to people affiliated with that institution.

Traditionally, computer labs have been configured to support teaching and learning by providing rows of computers in a lecture-style classroom set-up. Lab computers and software allowed students to complete course assignments or learn new programs.

The needs of your lab will help you identify the type of equipment that you will need to provide. You will also need to consider the purchase of printers, scanners, projectors, and internet modems/wireless routers. At least one printer and internet access are two essential items for the lab.

The traditional one-room computer lab has morphed into three common types of computer labs: the classical lab with desktop computers, the mobile laptop lab that moves from classroom to classroom, and the mini-lab located in an individual classroom for a teacher to use in her daily work without having to leave her.